About us

József Horváth – the young scientist also known as „Joz” – earned both his Bachelor’s degree (biologist) and Master’s degree (molecular geneticist) at the Faculty of Science and Technology, in the University of Debrecen.
He started to deal with cancer research while working on his PhD.
The real breakthrough came in 2017, when he found his call in the research and perfection of alternative therapies.
After long years of hard work it was time to put the theory in practice – founding his own company under the name MediJoz GmbH in 2020. With the founding of the Austrian, privately owned company, Joz made one of his childhood dreams real.
Through the development he orchestrated with several big foreign R&D companies, his trademark and brand: MediJoz had been created.
In this form, the sole dealer of MediJoz products is the MediJoz GmbH, its quality reflects the devotion and passion of József’s work.
József and the MediJoz GmbH set the goal of soothing the pain of patients with tumorous condition by easing the severe symptoms and side effects of the disease and different oncological treatments.
The company has a strong focus on the quality control of every single product since this is the only way to make sure that the patient would really get the quality Joz would like to give.
The MediJoz GmbH and its products are for the people. That is why the company sells only for private individuals. Wholesale network sales is not what the company wants to achieve and is not in correspondence with its philosophy.
The principle and motto of József Horváth and the motivation of MediJoz GmbH:

The principle and motto of József Horváth and the motivation of MediJoz GmbH:

„ If I could change or save one man’s life, my life has worth it!”